Third suspect to be extradited to Georgia in videotaped beating of gay man

The videotaped beating victim Brandon White, 20, says he did not know any of the suspects.

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  • Darael Demare Williams, 17, of Atlanta is being held in Pennsylvania on $250,000 bond
  • He surrendered himself to authorities
  • The videotaped beating victim Brandon White, 20, says he didn't know three suspects
  • But an attorney for one suspect says his client knew White
A third suspect in the videotaped beating of a gay Atlanta man could be extradited to Georgia early next week from Pennsylvania, where he has surrendered himself to authorities, officials said Saturday.
Darael Demare Williams, 17, of Atlanta is being held on $250,000 bond in the Erie County, Pennsylvania, Prison, corrections officer Ed Yeaney said Saturday.
Williams surrendered himself on Wednesday night to Erie police, authorities said.
Yeaney didn't have further details on what possible charges await Williams in Georgia in connection with the videotaped beating of Brandon White, 20, by three men outside an Atlanta grocery.
Earlier this month, the FBI said it was investigating the case to determine whether it meets criteria for prosecution under the federal hate crimes statute.
Meanwhile, on Saturday, Jay Abt, an attorney for one of the other suspects, 19-year-old Dorian Moragne, said his client knew White before the alleged incident. Abt made that assertion during a meeting of activists concerned about the case. Moragne, who turned himself into authorities, has been charged with robbery by force and aggravated assault, Abt said.
White has said that he didn't know any of his alleged assailants.
"I have never seen one of those guys before. I go to that store plenty of times. Like I said, I don't bother anybody. I don't talk to anybody. That's just me. No, I've never seen one of those guys before," White told reporters on February 8.
On Saturday, White's attorney, Christine Koehler, reiterated that her client denies knowing any of the three suspects.
Another suspect, Christopher Cain, 18, has been charged with aggravated assault and robbery, police said.
Atlanta police said the incident occurred February 4.
The case came to light after a video circulated online showing three men punching and kicking White after he stepped out of the JVC Grocery and Deli in southwest Atlanta's Pittsburgh neighborhood. The men, believed to be members of a gang called Jack City, yelled: "No f----ts in Jack City."
The store's surveillance video shows White, dressed in a purple shirt and black jeans with a cell phone to his left ear, exit the store along with another man. As soon as they step outside, White is accosted by his attackers.
The surveillance video captured eight men standing around watching, two of them with video cameras in hand. One man lunges at White with a tire in his hands.
White said he did not report it right away because he did not want to draw attention to himself. He said he could not even bring himself to watch the video at first, he was so humiliated and embarrassed.
The video was released on, and was posted on The Smoking Gun.
When it went viral, White decided to talk to the police, he said.
U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates has said her office is looking into potential civil rights violations based on sexual orientation. Georgia does not have a hate crimes statute.
Enraged gay rights activists have vowed that justice would be served, and residents appealed for an expanded police presence in their community.