Kevin Tent: An editor's life in pictures

Updated 2:54 PM ET, Mon February 27, 2012
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Film editor Kevin Tent recently received his first Oscar nomination for his work on "The Descendants." Hopper Stone/CNN
The first theatrical film Tent edited was "Not of This Earth" (1988), former porn star Traci Lords' mainstream debut and one of many films Tent did for B-movie producing titan Roger Corman. Hopper Stone/CNN
Tent has a full editing console in his home office. The practice, once characterized by film clips hanging from clotheslines, has gone digital. Hopper Stone/CNN
Tent found a passion for film editing in college. He often edited his friends' student films. Hopper Stone/CNN
Among Tent's memorabilia is a split-screen diagram from "Sideways," made for a production house. Hopper Stone/CNN
Tent's other credits include "About Schmidt," starring Jack Nicholson. Hopper Stone/CNN
"Mrs. Cohen," a painting Tent bought about 15 years ago, dominates one wall. He's taken it to practically every editing room he's worked in. Hopper Stone/CNN
Tent holds one of the "Pick Flick" buttons Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) handed out in "Election." Hopper Stone/CNN
"The Descendants," Tent's latest film (and latest collaboration with director Alexander Payne), received five Oscar nominations, including nods for George Clooney, Payne and best picture. Hopper Stone/CNN
Tent has worked on all of Payne's feature films. The two have a "shared aesthetic," says Payne. Hopper Stone/CNN
Film editors may receive little recognition from the public, but Tent has no regrets. "I'm a lucky guy," he says. Hopper Stone/CNN