Clean-up continues one year after devastating earthquake

Updated 10:41 PM ET, Tue February 21, 2012
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Flowers at a memorial service to remember those killed when a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the New Zealand city of Christchurch last year. AFP/Getty Images
Children release 185 butterflies to signify the 185 people killed in the Christchurch quake on the one year anniversary. AFP/Getty Images
A man waits for a memorial service at Latimer Square to begin as Christchurch marks one year since last February's devastating earthquake.
Prayers are read during a service to mark the one year anniversary of the quake which killed 185 people on February 22, 2011.
Christchurch Cathedral remains in ruins after it was badly damaged during the magnitude 6.3 quake, which ripped through the New Zealand city of Christchurch. AFP/Getty Images
Destroyed bulidings and shops on Colombo Street wait to be demolished on February 21, 2012. The 2011 tremor brought down buildings in the city center in the middle of the working day. Getty Images
The former site of the Pyne Gould Corporation building, where 15 people lost their lives during the quake, is cleaned up in Christchurch on February 21, 2012. AFP/Getty Images
An image of the Pyne Gould Corporation building a day after the quake struck, as rescue workers look for survivors. AFP/Getty Images
A dump truck inside the cordoned off red zone in the central business district on February 21, 2012. Christchurch remains carved into zones labeled by color to indicate the severity of the earthquake damage to homes and land. Getty Images
An elderly couple watch the demolitional of buildings they grew up around in downtown Christchurch on February 21, 2012. AFP/Getty Images
A bus covered in building debris is seen on February 22, 2011. Getty Images
A Maori warrior blows a putatara shell during a quake remembrance service in Hagley Park, Christchurch. AFP/Getty Images