Recovery on Japan's Urato Islands

Updated 12:36 AM ET, Mon February 27, 2012
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Yoshimasa Koizumi looks at his fishing equipment on Katsurashima Island. He has never used it, having moved to the island one day before last year's deadly tsunami. dean Irvine/cnn
Clearing and rebuilding efforts continue on Katsurashima Island off the coast of Miyagi prefecture. Dean Irvine/CNN
Before the tsunami hit Katsurashima locals say the tide went out over 200 meters. Dean Irvine/CNN
Huge piles of household items from demolished homes litter the beach area before being disposed of. Dean Irvine/CNN
Mr Keikichi, a lifelong resident of the Urato Islands whose house was not destroyed by the tsunami, believes fishing as a livelihood is dead on the islands. dean irvine/cnn
Standing in front of where his home used to be, Yoshimasa Koizumi says he has created a new form of cooperative he hopes will revive fishing and create a sustainable industry for the islanders. Dean Irvine/CNN
Only one working oyster processing factory is left on the Urato Islands. Dean Irvine/CNN
A worker at the oyster processing plant on Katsurashima says that more fishermen are having to pool resources. Dean Irvine/CNN
A tree on the coast of Katsurashima bent by the force of the tsunami. Dean Irvine/CNN