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Issa Tuwegiar, the Libyan Minister of Planning talks to CNN about the new path Libya faces after deposing Gaddafi

Story highlights

  • The revolution that overthrew Gaddafi brought the Libyan economy almost to a standstill
  • Issa Tuwegiar, the Libyan Planning Minister on the challenges his country faces
  • MME also takes a close look at Saudi Arabian treasures as they tour major Western cities
FACETIME: Issa Tuwegiar , Libyan Minister of Planning

Year 2011 was a tumultuous year for the Middle East region. Libya is on a whole new path after deposing its leader Moammar Gaddafi last year. The country is still suffering from the months of violence that brought its economy almost to a standstill. MME met with the Libyan Planning Minister, Issa Tuwegiar and asked him about the road ahead.
IN FOCUS: Saudi treasures

Saudi Arabia, the oil-rich kingdom owns a stunning collection of artifacts -- some date back 2,500 years. As these rare antiquities tour the world's Western capitals, MME takes a closer look at the Saudi historical treasures.
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