Koalas wait for listing decision

Updated 2:22 AM ET, Thu February 16, 2012
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A koala is trapped in a tarpaulin after being rescued from a bushfire in Australia. Bushfires are forecast to become more prevalent in the country due to climate change. Australian Koala Foundation
Koala populations are highly vulnerable to drought. In extremely dry periods, trees lose their leaves. The leaves that remain tend to be low in nutrients. Australian Koala Foundation
An average of four koalas is admitted to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital each week after being hit by cars. Australian Koala Foundation
In a photo provided by the Australian Koala Foundation, a koala lies trapped in a pool fence. It's believed it was trying to reach water. Australian Koala Foundation
This is the familiar image of koalas presented to tourists. This pair lives at Wild Life Sydney and spend much of their day quietly munching leaves. AFP/Getty Images