Mossad and the capture of Adolf Eichmann

Updated 1:15 PM ET, Wed February 15, 2012
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Exhibit at the Museum of the Jewish People "Operation Finale: The Story of the Capture of Eichmann." To bring Adolf Eichmann to justice, 11 agents traveled to Argentina, where Eichmann was thought to be hiding. Darren Bull/CNN
Original Leica camera used by Mossad agents in Argentina to take photos of Adolf Eichmann. The pictures were compared to SS photos of Eichmann in Mossad files, where a 10-point analysis of his ears was used to identify him. Darren Bull/CNN
Gloves worn by one of the Mossad agents who abducted Adolf Eichmann. Dozens of Jews living in Argentina helped provide the cover needed to succeed. Darren Bull/CNN
The needle used to drug Adolf Eichmann when he was abducted. Mossad agents put Eichmann in an El Al crew uniform and shoved him into a Pontiac. They slipped him onto a special El Al flight and spirited him out of Argentina. Darren Bull/CNN
The bullet proof booth where Adolf Eichmann sat during his trial in Jerusalem. During nine months of testimony, the world was astounded by the personal testimony of 120 witnesses (99 of them Holocaust survivors). Darren Bull/CNN
Adolf Eichmann was a German SS officer put in charge of orchestrating the "final solution," the Nazi plan to kill all of the Jews in Europe, during World War Two in the early 1940s. Darren Bull/CNN