From pins to projects

Updated 12:11 PM ET, Fri February 17, 2012
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Alissa Christensen says she's learned to sew, quilt and crochet by finding tutorials through Pinterest (left). The Las Vegas, Nevada, stay-at-home mom has used the site to find all kinds of things to create for her baby son, like this blanket (right). She says it was the first thing she ever sewed. Courtesy Alissa Christensen
After learning to crochet via a tutorial she found through Pinterest, Christensen made these hats for her baby and all the other young boys in her extended family. Courtesy Alissa Christensen
Christensen creates plenty of Pinterest-inspired items for her son -- but occasionally does a little something for herself. This gorgeous pink ruffle cake, prompted by a technique she learned via Pinterest, was for her 24th birthday. Courtesy Alissa Christensen
Kelly Ishmael is working on a project she calls "52 weeks of Pinspiration," during which she'll create a different Pinterest-inspired project each week and blog about it. Week five, it was these delicious peanut butter cupcakes. Courtesy Kelly Ishmael
Like Ishmael, Julie Brackeva-Phillips likes to choose a project via Pinterest, recreate it, and then blog about it. "I usually browse Pinterest during the week when I need a break, have an idea or I am hosting a dinner/party. I usually pick a project or two, make it during the weekend and then I blog about it later," she said. Courtesy Julie Brackeva-Phillips
"Pinterest helped me make my first piece of jewelry," says Mikinzie Stuart. She created this necklace in January thanks to a tutorial she found through the site and has already worn it to work. Courtesy Mikinzie Stuart
Kara Kriegshauser used Pinterest to gather inspiration for her home office renovation. She completed the redecorating project this month. "I'm a habitual list maker, so having a site where I can keep ideas is convenient and inspiring," she said of the site. Courtesy Kara Kriegshauser
Jessica Wolkoff modified a project she found via Pinterest to create this stunning centerpiece of a succulent planted in a book. The original directions called for fake plants, but she experimented and found a way to use real ones! Courtesy Jessica Wolkoff
This Pinterest-inspired project looked simple, but Katie Rudder said it ended up taking forever. Still, "I'm so proud of it and people have pinned it from my step by step website now," she said. Courtesy Katie Rudder
And Pinterest-prompted projects aren't just for the girls! Tim Reynolds built this industrial-looking lamp after gathering a bunch of similar lamps on a pinboard. "After gathering several other pipe lamp images on my board, I couldn't stand not trying my hand at building one myself. So, I made a trip to Home Depot and bought the parts I wanted and put it all together," he said. Reynolds had only been on Pinterest for about a week at the time. "I've never been much of a person who cut things out of, as a person who embraces tech, Pinterest was a great fit," he said. Courtesy Tim Reynolds
Jessica Archer created these rocket packs for her sons after finding inspiration on Pinterest. She says her boys "both think Detroit's Renaissance Center is huge space ship, so I figured this project would be the perfect time to 'blast off' to the top of it." The rockets are made of spray-painted soda bottles! Courtesy Jessica Archer
Colleen Pence had a bit of a tough time recreating this Nutella-banana popsicle recipe. "The pretty picture of Nutella popsicles on Pinterest made it seem so easy," she said. But the recipe turned out to be a little messier than expected, although still delicious. "Sometimes, even when they're messy, Pinterest tips and recipes are so very, very right," she added. Courtesy Colleen Pence
Beth McShane uses Pinterest not only to catalog her crafting ideas, but also as part of her job in the event planning business. "I love sending clients into my event boards to gauge their taste and get on the same page as far as the overall feel they want their event to have," she said. These stars were a rainy day Christmas craft she did with her daughters and a friend. Courtesy Beth McShane