Taste of UK 7,000 miles from home

Updated 10:28 AM ET, Mon February 13, 2012
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Colourful houses made from corrugated iron give the Stanley, the capital of the islands, a Scandinavian feel. Dan Rivers/CNN
A Falklands Five pound note issued by the Falkland Islands Government; the disputed islands, which Argentina calls Las Malvinas, are viewed by Britain as a British Overseas Territory, like Bermuda or Gibraltar. Dan Rivers/CNN
A red telephone box in Stanley is just one of a number of quintessentially British aspects to island life - the Argentines insist the islands were "stolen" from them by Britain in 1833. Dan Rivers/CNN
The baker in Stanley takes a break at the only bakery on the island. Dan Rivers/CNN
Outside Stanley, the Sapper's Hill minefield is being slowly cleared of mines by a private contractor BACTEC. 113 minefields have been identified containing some 13,000 mines. Dan Rivers/CNN
Several species of penguins inhabit the Falkland islands. Charlene Rowland/CNN