Teen transplant patient allegedly abducted by father found in Wisconsin hospital

Teen transplant patient taken by dad
Teen transplant patient taken by dad


    Teen transplant patient taken by dad


Teen transplant patient taken by dad 00:49

Story highlights

  • Brittany Jones, 14, and her father have been located at a Wisconsin hospital, police say
  • An abduction alert was issued for Jones after she was taken from a St. Louis hospital, police say
  • Jones, who underwent a kidney transplant in 2010, was in the custody of Illinois child protective services
Authorities late Sunday located a 14-year-old kidney transplant patient who was taken by her father from a St. Louis hospital, where she was undergoing medical treatment, a police spokeswoman said.
Brittany Jones was located at a hospital in Milwaukee hours after she was seen leaving her room at Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center with her father, said Katy O'Sullivan of the St. Louis Police Department.
O'Sullivan said the girl's father, Dana Jones, was with her at the Milwaukee hospital.
Hours earlier, St. Louis authorities issued an abduction alert for Jones, warning she was in grave danger if she did not receive a scheduled medical treatment.
Jones, who underwent a transplant in 2010, was placed in the custody of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services after her doctors determined she was not getting adequate care for her condition at home, O'Sullivan said.
Dana Jones is believed to have taken his daughter around 2 p.m. Sunday from the St. Louis hospital, where according to surveillance footage he was seen removing her IV, walking her out of the hospital and driving off with her in his car, O'Sullivan said.