1 killed in Saudi Arabia clashes

Story highlights

  • The incident occurs in the town of Awamiya
  • An activist says the protesters were attacked
  • A video shows the protest
Clashes between protesters and police left a man dead in the eastern province of Qatif in Saudi Arabia, police said.
Security forces attacked the protesters who were demanding social and political reforms, said Ahmed Al Rebh, a political activist.
Rebh maintains a Facebook page for activists in eastern Saudi Arabia to help spread information.
A video posted on the page shows shooting and a frantic crowd trying to carry the man. Others tend to a bloody wound on his abdomen as he lies limp on the ground.
CNN could not verify the authenticity of the video.
Rebh is based in Beirut and says protests have been going on since last year and that activists have also called for the Saudi military to leave Bahrain.
State-run Saudi Press Agency reported the killing of a man Friday by security forces and called the protest "an illegal gathering."
The Friday incident occurred in the town of Awamiya.