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Improving economy is considered to be the biggest national challenge according to a survey last May. Presidential Hopeful Amr Moussa talks to CNN about the future of  Egypt's economy

Story highlights

  • Investors are watching recent crackdowns on civil groups and business in Egypt closely
  • Egyptian presidential hopeful Amre Moussa talks to MME about the future of Egypt's economy
  • Also this week, MME takes a closer look at the relation between Syria and Russia
FACETIME: Amre Moussa, Egyptian presidential candidate
Crackdowns on civil society organisations and businesses is creating an uneasy climate in Egypt. Investors are keeping a wary eye on events unfolding in the country. MME caught up with presidential hopeful, Amre Moussa and asked him about Egypt's bumpy economic road ahead.
IN FOCUS: Syria -- Russia relations
The international community is growing increasingly frustrated with the daily bloodshed in Syria. Following a veto by Russia and China on a Syrian resolution at the UN Security Council, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made a high profile visit to the troubled country. Lavrov said he is working with President Bashar Al-Assad to end the violence. MME takes a closer look at the relationship between the two countries.
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