Women in combat policy to change

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pkg starr gi jane special ops_00005814


    Meet the real life 'G.I. Janes'


Meet the real life 'G.I. Janes' 02:55

By Barbara Starr, CNN Pentagon Correspondent

(CNN) The Defense Department is notifying Congress Thursday it will open up nearly 14,000 jobs to military women that will place them even closer to the front lines of combat.
A senior Pentagon official confirmed details to CNN, but declined to be identified until a formal announcement comes later on Thursday.
Under a 1994 policy, women are restricted from formally serving in small ground units directly involved in combat. The reality of the last ten years of war however has been that many women serve in support positions–such as military police or medics–which place them in harms way. They are not formally assigned to combat units, but rather informally "attached" which means they do not get the crucial credit for combat duty that is needed for promotions to higher grades.