L.A. elementary school, at center of abuse probes, replaces staff

btsvo parents protest california school_00000125
btsvo parents protest california school_00000125


    Parent: Throw 'lewd' teachers in jail


Parent: Throw 'lewd' teachers in jail 01:01

Jaqueline Hurtado, CNN

(CNN) -- Students at Miramonte Elementary School will return to class later this week to a new staff because administrators do not want any more "surprises" at the Los Angeles school that is at the center of two child abuse cases.
The school will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday to "take a break," the Los Angeles Unified School system said.
    When classes resume Thursday, a new staff and social workers will be at hand to receive them, said Los Angeles School District Superintendent John Deasy.
    "I can't have anymore surprises at Miramonte," Deasy told an auditorium packed with parents Monday night. "And if there are more, then we'll have to deal with that."
    Everyone from current custodians to teachers at Miramonte will be removed, he said.
      Those staffers who are not being fired are expected, after undergoing special training, to resume work at another location, he said.