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    The Next List: Dale Dougherty


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Dale Dougherty has a simple idea: all of us are makers. We’re born makers. We don’t just live --- we make.

Dale believes that America used to be a nation of makers. People were proud to tinker in their garages and basements and pass on the tradition of “making” to future generations. These days, Dale thinks we’ve strayed to far from that way of life, and have focused more on being consumers.
Dale says, it’s time to get back to making. It doesn’t matter what it is: cheese, wine, sculptures, robots, rockets, 3D printers -- even electric muffins! As simple or as bizarre as a person wants to get, Dale believes everyone should be passionate about making something. So Dale decided over a decade ago to create a grassroots festival called Maker Faire. There’s one every year in the Bay Area, NYC, and all over the world. There’s one in Africa. Tens of thousands of people attend, showing off all of the spectacular things they’ve made. Things like a basketball bikini, art sculptures made from car parts and wooden catapults, large and small. Simply, makers are enthusiasts, amateurs and hobbyists.
Dale also created MAKE magazine. The magazines are jam-packed with ideas and exact plans for making things. One issue might be dedicated to making robots, or rockets. Anyone with an interest can pick up a magazine and get right to work.
    Dale is passionate about making a new generation of makers. He just received a DARPA grant. His task: to bring the philosophy of making to high schools around the country with what he calls Maker Spaces. He believes the concept of students sitting quietly at a desk reading is archaic and the best way for kids to learn is to engage, to act and to make. Dale hopes to one day have these maker spaces in high schools across the country.
    Simply put, Dale’s mission is to make more makers. He says you don’t have to be a genius to make things. You just have to follow your natural curiosity -- and begin.
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