Why are Egyptians still protesting?
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NEW: Members of parliament call for charges against interior minister in stadium riot

Clashes Monday leave one dead and dozens injured

Health official says the man died of a gunshot wound

Egypt's interior minister says officers aren't using bullets

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Violent clashes near Egypt’s Interior Ministry on Monday left at least one person dead and 72 injured, a health ministry official said.

The man died of a gunshot wound, said Dr. Hisham Shiha, deputy health minister. Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim denied that officers were using anything but tear gas in confrontations with demonstrators.

Among those injured Monday was Salma Said, a prominent pro-democracy blogger who was reportedly shot in the face with bird shot by a police officer. Images of Said, her face and leg appearing to be bloodied, were circulating on the Internet.

Mona Seif, an activist and founder of the No to Military Trials for Civilians group, said officers dressed in civilian clothes infiltrated protest lines and arrested dozens of protesters. There was no immediate word from authorities about arrests on Monday. At least 40 people were arrested on Sunday, officials said.

A parliamentary committee visited the site to gather information and file a report on Monday’s clashes, an Interior Ministry spokesman said.

Democracy activists and protesters angry with police handling of a deadly riot at a soccer stadium on Thursday have clashed with authorities near the ministry building for five days, leaving 13 people dead and more than 2,500 injured, according to authorities.

More than 80 people died in a riot at a soccer stadium in Port Said on Wednesday. As rival fans battled with rocks and chairs, some people suffocated as crowds tried to escape but were blocked by a locked gate.

On Monday, 120 members of Egypt’s parliament called for Ibrahim to be tried on charges that he failed to properly handle the riot, making him responsible for the deaths, speaker Mohamed Saad el-Katatni said in a televised session. He said he had ordered a report on the incident to prepare for questioning of Ibrahim by parliament.