Madonna provided the halftime entertainment during Sunday's Super Bowl -- and on Twitter, where the jokes were flying.

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Social media age means anyone can make catty comments about the Super Bowl

Here are 20 of our favorites about the game, the commercials and Madonna

Among the funniest are actor/comedians Patton Oswalt, Steve Martin and Rainn Wilson

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In the social media age, you don’t need to be at a party to enjoy clever or catty comments about the Super Bowl.

Twitter was ablaze Sunday evening with running commentary about every conceivable aspect of Super Bowl XLVI, from Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski’s balky ankle to Madonna’s acrobatic halftime show to all those commercials. (Yes, Clint Eastwood’s gravelly voice is bringing Detroit back. And was that really Motley Crue shilling for Kia?)

Users were sending an average of 8,000 tweets per second during Madonna’s “world peace”-themed performance and an average of 10,000 tweets per second during the game’s dramatic final three minutes, according to Twitter.

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These weren’t the most informative tweets about Sunday’s big game, but they were among the funniest. Here, in chronological order, are 20 of our favorites:

Faux John Madden – Tough break for Papa Johns.. If the coin toss is heads, they will give free pizzas to America. If it’s tails, they have to feed Khloe Kardashian.

Zach Broussard – If the world ends and the only survivors are guys talking about Chevy trucks, I’d rather die. #Superbowl

The Sklar Brothers – That’s so cool they let Elton John wear his own wardrobe in that Pepsi spot

Onion Sports Network – Patriot sources reporting Danny Woodhead to spend game in Rob Gronkowski’s sock to provide extra ankle support #SuperBowl

Patton Oswalt – Just heard Madonna will do a parody version of @alyankovic’s “Like a Surgeon” during halftime show.

The Sklar Brothers – That’s the first time Madonna’s used a Trojan correctly #SuperBowl

Vevo – All testosterone has left the stadium. #SuperBowl #Halftime

Ana Maria Cox – Does anyone know where Tebow was during “Like a Prayer”?

Paul Sanders – Just glad to see that someone is finally willing to take a stand in favor of world peace. #halftime

Darden Rice – I guess that means be ready for Lady Gaga at the Superbowl show in 2032

Andy Borowitz – BREAKING: NFL Sets Next Year’s Halftime Show Starring Dame Judi Dench

Connie Schultz – To Madonna’s critics: Post a video of yourself doing cartwheels in 5-inch heels, then we’ll talk.

Mo Rocca – Somebody give Clint Eastwood a lozenge!

Jenna Jakowatz – hey should take off #tombrady’s shirt to check that shoulder. It could be serious.

The Sklar Brothers – How can you not take Danica Patrick seriously as a race car driver at this point. #godaddy

Adrian Chen – Who’s watching the new episode of Downton Abbey right now? Expect a knock on the door. You’re getting deported.

TheFakeESPN – Giants receivers are on the sideline reapplying Tyree stickum to the top of their helmets.

Steve Martin – Wow! What a game. Two minutes left. Headin’ off to bed. Will get results in the morning.

Onion Sports Network – BREAKING: Super Bowl Ends As NBC Runs Out Of Commercials To Air

Rainn Wilson – All those Patriots Superbowl XLVI CHAMPIONS hats & shirts are already on their way to the Congo.