Table Mountain: wonder of nature

Updated 5:13 AM ET, Mon February 6, 2012
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CNN's Errol Barnett above the clouds at more than 1,000 meters atop Table Mountain, South Africa Errol Barnett/CNN
Lions Head, part of the Table Mountain range, overlooking the South Atlantic Ocean. Errol Barnett/CNN
Breathtaking view of Camps Bay and the South Atlantic from Table Mountain. Errol Barnett/CNN
A 1,000-meter drop from the top of Table Mountain to the Cape Town "bowl" below. Errol Barnett/CNN
The most famous feature of Table Mountain is its three-kilometer wide, flat plateau. Errol Barnett/CNN
Caron von Zeil and her son. Caron founded "Reclaim Camissa" to protect Table Valley's water resources. Errol Barnett/CNN
A fresh water channel hides inside a forgotten chamber in Cape Town. Errol Barnett/CNN
Kerneels is a direct descendant of the Khoi, the first people to live near Table Mountain. Errol Barnett/CNN