'The future of Afghanistan'

Updated 5:24 PM ET, Thu February 2, 2012
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Kids from an orphanage in Afghanistan pose in front of an RV in Atlanta. They have started a road trip from Massachusetts to California and places in between. The kids are among an estimated 2 million children living without parents in Afghanistan. Each has a special story. Robert Johnson/CNN
Hala, 16, wants to be a doctor some day. Robert Johnson/CNN
Lida, 18, hopes to become a teacher. Robert Johnson/CNN
Shokofa,11, has lived in the orphanage since 2006. She loves pizza and plays the trumpet.
Araj, 13, has lived in the orphanage since 2008. He's a talented music student. Robert Johnson/CNN
Mohsen, 13, plays clarinet at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music. He dreams of becoming a filmmaker. Robert Johnson/CNN
Maria, 17, wants to be an engineer one day. She wants to stay in Afghanistan to help her country rebuild. "We are the future of Afghanistan," she says. Robert Johnson/CNN