Hundreds rescued after passenger ship sinks

Published 5:25 AM ET, Thu February 2, 2012
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Information from the ferry company suggested that there were about 350 aboard the boat when it sunk. Chris Welch/CNN
The Rabaul Queen sunk about 16 kilometers off Cape Fortification in the Vitiaz Strait. Jurgen Ruh/Manolos Aviation
Boats and helicopters rushed to the scene to try to save scores of people left adrift at sea by the sinking. Jurgen Ruh/Manolos Aviation
The Rabaul Queen was ferrying passengers from the town of Kimbe on New Britain Island to the Papua New Guineaport of Lae. Jurgen Ruh/Manolos Aviation
"I could see the survivors on the debris," said Jurgen Ruh, among the rescuers. Jurgen Ruh/Manolos Aviation