No major injuries in Michigan train derailment

An Amtrak passenger train "made contact" with a vehicle Wednesday at a highway crossing near Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Story highlights

  • An Amtrak train and a vehicle "made contact" at a highway crossing
  • Two rail cars came off the tracks
  • No life-threatening injuries were reported, officials say
Two passenger rail cars jumped the tracks Wednesday near Ann Arbor, Michigan, but no life-threatening injuries were reported in the accident, officials said.
The Amtrak train "made contact" with a vehicle at a public highway crossing, Amtrak said, causing the engine to turn on its side and the first two cars of the train to derail.
The train involved in the incident was Amtrak Wolverine Service Train 351.
There were 71 passengers and five crew members on board, Amtrak said.
The train, made up of two locomotives and six rail cars, was heading westbound from Pontiac, Michigan, to Chicago.
Amtrak suspended service in central Michigan for several hours and said it will offer refunds or re-bookings without fees for those affected.