Little green nudges

Updated 10:22 AM ET, Fri February 3, 2012
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A wall sticker from London-based design and sustainbility outfit Hu2 brings home the carbon cost of keeping the lights on. Courtesy Hu2
Green footsteps lead passersby to a dustbin on the streets of Copenhagen. Researchers found that this decreased the instances of littering by 46%. Courtesy
A recent Dutch study showed that 70% more people chose the stairs instead of the elevator when there were red lines running up them. Courtesy
The "Waterpebble" monitors water going down the plughole when you shower and tells you when to finish showering. It memorizes the length of your first shower and, using it as a benchmark, fractionally reduces your shower time, helping you to save water without thinking about it. Courtesy Water Pebble
Designer Muhyeon Kim has designed a switch that displays how much power it is using. Research has found that people are more conscious of their energy use when they can see it in action. Courtesy Yanko Design