Wisconsin athletic official resigns over allegations of inappropriate conduct

John Chadima resigned earlier this month as senior associate athletic director at the University of  Wisconsin.

Story highlights

  • John Chadima resigned after the allegations surfaced
  • Chadima was the senior associate athletic director at the University of Wisconsin
  • After the sexual advance, Chadima threatened to have the student fired, the report says
  • "I make no excuses and accept full responsibility," Chadima said in a written statement
A University of Wisconsin senior official resigned after making unwanted sexual advances to a male student employee of the school's athletic department, according to a report released this week.
John Chadima resigned his post as senior associate athletic director at UW-Madison earlier in January after the allegations surfaced. The allegations were investigated by an independent panel and the report was released Tuesday night.
The report alleges that Chadima made the advance in late December at a Rose Bowl party that he was throwing at a hotel in Los Angeles.
There was beer and mixed drinks at that party and about 25 to 30 people attended, including employees that were under the age of 21, the report said.
As the party was ending, Chadima asked one student to stay behind and have a drink with him. The two each had three rum drinks. The report called the student, who is over the age of 21, John Doe.
"Chadima told John Doe that he thought that Doe might be gay," the report says. "Chadima reached over and removed Doe's pants belt and then inserted his hand inside Doe's pants on his genitals."
The student slapped Chadima's hand away and swore at him, the report says.
"What are you going to do about it? I could have you fired," Chadima said according to the report.
As the student rushed from the room, Chadima said he had been joking.
The student told his immediate supervisor, along with other student employees and the police were alerted.
Chadima declined to be interviewed for the investigation but did release a statement that was released with the report.
"I make no excuses and accept full responsibility for my actions," the statement said. "I deeply regret leaving under these circumstances and disappointing those people with, and for whom I have worked and dedicated my career for the past 22 years."