Flight attendants were hurt after turbulence on an American Airlines flight.

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Three flight attendants were injured in severe turbulence

The flight from Brazil to Miami was carrying 167 passengers

No passengers were injured, the airline said

CNN  — 

Three American Airlines flight attendants were injured Sunday when a flight bound for Miami, Florida, encountered severe turbulence.

Flight 980 from Recife, Brazil to Miami was carrying 167 passengers. No passengers were injured, according to American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith. Three of six flight attendants on board were injured.

The turbulence hit about two hours into the flight, passengers told CNN affiliate WFOR.

“Everything was fine and the next minute the plane just fell, a huge drop,” passenger Gillas Correa told WFOR.

People were screaming and crying, Correa said. “There was a woman who was sitting a couple rows behind us; she got thrown up in the air and landed in the hallway.”

All six flight attendants were taken to Miami area hospitals to be observed and treated, Smith said via e-mail.

“Fortunately, no passengers were injured. Five of the flight attendants were checked and released. One remained in the hospital overnight for further observation.”

Correa said one flight attendant was injured by a falling food cart.

“She hit the ceiling and when she came down the cart hit her,” he said.