Texas suit over forced abortion threat resolved, attorney says

Story highlights

  • A teen said her family made an appointment for an abortion against her will
  • Her attorney says the suit has been resolved; he can't divulge details
  • He says the teen wants to carry the child to term
The case of a Corpus Christi, Texas, teen who sued her family because she said they wanted to force her to have an abortion "has been resolved," her lawyer says.
Stephen Casey, who represents the 14-year-old, said the judge agreed Tuesday with his side's request to dissolve the suit. Casey said he is barred from sharing the details and gave no further comment.
On Friday, Casey said the teen, who is about 10 weeks pregnant, wants to carry her child to term. He refused to release the girl's name.
The teen sought legal help after she was allegedly physically and verbally assaulted by her grandmother and two cousins. The family members were accused in the suit of verbally abusing the girl and scheduling an appointment for an abortion without the teen's permission. The teen's lawyer said they were able to get an emergency restraining order before the scheduled abortion.
CNN's calls to the attorney representing the grandmother and the cousins were not returned.
Casey is with the Texas Center for Defense of Life, a nonprofit organization that provides legal representation to pro-life organizations and residents in Texas and who has tried similar cases.
"This is a highly under-reported situation," Casey said. "If a woman has a constitutional right to an abortion under Roe v. Wade, then she has a constitutional right to keep her child." Roe v. Wade is a reference to the Supreme Court case extending to women the right to decide to have an abortion.
Judge Missy Medary with the 347th District Court in Corpus Christi had previously appointed a guardian, and the girl moved in with an unnamed relative.
Casey said the girl's goal is to be able to carry her baby to term and to then decide what options there are for them. The baby's father agrees, he said.
"She hasn't finalized her decision, whether it is adoption or to keep it. That's the second or third step at this point," Casey said.