Tornadoes strike Kentucky, Indiana

Story highlights

  • Louisville, Kentucky, and Madison, Indiana, hit, weather service says
  • Tornadoes were classified as EF-1, meteorologist says
  • There have been no reports of injuries, he says
A strong storm system blowing through the upper South and Midwest spawned at least two rare January tornadoes, the National Weather Service said on Tuesday .
Video from the storm showed roofs partially ripped from buildings, numerous large trees uprooted and strewn across streets and at least one semi-truck thrown on its side next to a major highway.
The National Weather Service in Louisville, Kentucky, said one EF-1 tornado struck in metropolitan Louisville and a second hit near Madison, Indiana.
Weather service meteorologist Ryan Sharp said it is possible more tornadoes struck the region. "We have another team out searching the other side of the river right now looking for tornado damage across the Ohio River from Louisville," Sharp said.
The weather service said it had not heard any reports of fatalities from the storms in that region. Sharp noted the storms were strong and that the one in Louisville "probably produced winds anywhere between 90 to 100 miles an hour at the points where the greatest damage occurred."