Magic on the streets of New York



    Magic on the streets of New York.


Magic on the streets of New York. 04:24

Marco Tempest is no ordinary magician and in fact he doesn’t even use the word “magician." Instead he calls himself a “cyber-illusionist” or a "techno illusionist” combining videos, computer graphics and other technology of the moment with the ideas of old-world magic. Marco describes it more eloquently as “magic for both sides of your brain”.

When he's not programming iPhone apps or giving speculator demonstrations Tempest still makes it out on the streets to perform some good ol' low-tech “tricks.”  In the video above he shows The Next List two of those tricks (and even let's us in on the secret for one of them).
So enjoy some old-school Marco Tempest and see plenty more of him this Sunday at 2 P.M. E.T. on CNN.
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