Jerry Ramrattan plans to appeal after being sentenced to 32 years in prison for crimes, including rape, his attorney says.

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Man found guilty of crimes in November faces up to 32 years in prison

Ruse implicated his ex-girlfriend, sending her to prison and away from her 12-year-old daughter

He pleaded not guilty to all charges, says he plans to appeal


A man found guilty of raping, then framing his ex-girlfriend for armed robbery has been sentenced to a maximum of 32 years behind bars, ending what one New York prosecutor described as “one of the most bizarre cases” his office has ever seen.

Jerry Ramrattan, 39, was sentenced Wednesday after he was found guilty in November of concocting phony crime scenes that implicated his former girlfriend, Seemona Sumasar, sending her to prison and away from her 12 year-old daughter.

Ramrattan was convicted of first-degree rape, first-degree perjury, fifth-degree conspiracy, third-degree tampering with a witness and third-degree falsely reporting an incident, prosecutors said Thursday.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

“This is one of the most bizarre cases my office has ever seen,” Assistant District Attorney Frank DeGaetano said. “(Sumasar) was betrayed and framed by her own live-in boyfriend.”

The 36-year-old former financial analyst was bound and raped in her home after a dispute with Ramrattan on March 8, 2009, authorities said.

The Queens resident turned himself in after police issued a warrant for his arrest.

While he was free on bond, prosecutors said, Ramrattan managed to influence others into fabricating a story and a series of crime scenes that implicated Sumasar and another man.

Sumasar spent seven months in prison, authorities said.

Ramrattan was later charged with concocting the scheme and planting false evidence (a bullet) that helped falsely convict Sumasar of first-degree robbery.

The other man, who was not identified, was released on bail shortly after his arrest, authorities said.

In December 2010, a police informant notified authorities about the alleged frame-up.

Ramrattan has insisted that he is innocent, and his attorney, Frank Kelly, said he plans to file an appeal.