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Political Circus: GOP 'endorses' Obama 2012 bid

By Ed Hornick, CNN
An April Fools' Day ad from the National Republican Senatorial Committee makes a bid for President Barack Obama's re-election.
An April Fools' Day ad from the National Republican Senatorial Committee makes a bid for President Barack Obama's re-election.
  • GOP group is out with an April Fools' ad "supporting" President Barack Obama's 2012 bid
  • Meghan McCain is no fan of "Game Change" or upcoming miniseries based on the book
  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange lets down his reserve

Washington (CNN) -- Politics is serious business -- but not all the time.

April Fools!

President Barack Obama should be re-elected in 2012, according to a spoof re-election ad paid for by the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

"Today, we celebrate a president that brought Americans together (images then appear of Tea Party protests) ... celebrate the end to our dependence on American energy (image showing gas prices, referring to U.S. dependence on foreign oil).

The ad ends, "President Obama -- four more years" with an image of the president riding a unicorn across a rainbow.

What's Meghan McCain's beef with Ed Harris?

Meghan McCain, who could have become America's first daughter had things gone the GOP's way three years ago, is lashing out at "Game Change," an HBO adaptation of a book that chronicles the 2008 presidential election, including the campaign of her father -- Sen John McCain, R-Arizona.

"I read parts of 'Game Change,' but couldn't get through the whole book," she wrote in her Daily Beast column. "What's weird about this is it will always be a part of my family's narrative and now Hollywood is upping the ante. HBO is turning 'Game Change' into a miniseries, and they've cast Ed Harris as my dad."

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