Argh! Pirate-themed ship runs aground in west Florida

Story highlights

  • Two ships run aground in west Florida, one of them a pirate-themed vessel
  • The Pirate's Ransom is the vessel of "Captain Memo"
  • A boat trying to ferry the theme ship's passengers also ran aground
  • A city official says that "fog is believed to be a factor"
Scores of would-be swashbucklers found themselves in need of rescuing Saturday night when their ship -- the Pirate's Ransom -- ran aground in west Florida, a government spokeswoman said.
The pirate-themed ship was actually one of two vessels in and around Clearwater whose passengers inadvertently celebrated New Year's Eve on shore, rather that at sea. The other ship -- the Island Time -- went aground while trying to take some of the first ship's passengers ashore, said city public safety spokeswoman Elizabeth Watts.
Eventually, fire and police boats ended up ferrying the 100 passengers on the Pirate's Ransom safely back to shore, as intended. One 77-year-old female passenger was "checked out at the scene, but refused treatment," said Watts.
The Pirate's Random is the vessel of one "Captain Memo," whose website invites "briny buccaneers and seafaring seadogs" to join his crew in feasting, drinking and searching for dolphins. Memo's mates include wenches, like "Take Your Treasure Terri," and captains like "Gangplank Gary" and "Scurvy Steve."
Watts said that "fog is believed to be a factor in the ships running aground."