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NEW: A high avalanche warning was in effect

The incident occurred in British Columbia

Bad weather delayed rescue attempts

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A skier died in an avalanche in the province of British Columbia, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Friday.

The victim, 30-year-old Duncan MacKenzie, lived in the Whistler / Pemberton area, according to a police news release.

The avalanche occurred north of Pemberton on Thursday afternoon. MacKenzie was part of a group of four skiers in a remote area.

“MacKenzie was swept away and it is estimated that he traveled approximately 1,800 meters down the mountain,” the release said.

He was badly injured and remained on the mountain overnight with one skier, while the other two left for help.

Crews made two attempts by air to save MacKenzie, police said. But extreme weather delayed the rescue until early Friday. He had died by the time that rescuers arrived.

“The area where this occurred had a high avalanche warning in effect and we urge even the most experienced back country enthusiasts to stay out of these types of areas when such warnings are in place. It is not worth your life,” Sgt.Peter Thiessen said in the police news release.

CNN’s Adam Blaker contributed to this report.