Biggest celebrity health stories of 2011

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Some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities have suffered from health problems this year

Charlie Sheen's public outrage and Kate Middleton's weight loss both made headlines

Health dilemmas have also had us say goodbye to stars like Amy Winehouse and Liz Taylor  — 

Americans love celebrities, and if the past year’s headlines are any indication, we especially love them when they’re sick, injured, troubled, or – best of all – on the road to recovery.

Shocking celebrity weight changes

When stars have health problems, it’s a welcome reminder that they’re real people, just like us. And celebrity health stories often help raise awareness about unknown or misunderstood conditions such as psoriasis or Sjögren’s syndrome.

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From Kate’s weight to Charlie’s meltdown,’s editors looked back over the year in celebrity health news and selected the 20 biggest stories of 2011.

The most controversial health stories of 2011