Lights out! Football game in San Francisco hit by power outages

Story highlights

  • San Francisco 49ers home game hit by two power outages
  • Outages are believed to have been caused by a blown transformer, football official says
  • The first outage delayed the start of the game by a few minutes
  • The second outage struck during the second quarter, briefly halting the game
San Francisco's Candlestick Park was in need of, well, candles after two power outages stalled Monday night's football game between the 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.
An initial power outage struck the park shortly before the start of the game, delaying the opening kickoff, football officials said. The second delay hit early in the second quarter, briefly delaying the game, they said.
"Right now, we believe the power outage occurred because of a blown transformer. We have all our available personnel working to confirm that," Steve Weakland, a spokesman for the 49ers, said in a written statement.
"There are more questions than answers; we have asked PG&E to assure us and the NFL that this will not reoccur. We will continue to update you as we learn more. "
Pacific Gas and Electric Company said its crews were investigating the cause of both outages at the stadium, which is home to the 49ers.
"While we have many customers at the stadium, Candlestick Park is the only facility impacted," PG&E said in a written statement.
Crews located a downed power line in the area and were working to determine if it was related to the first outage at the stadium, PG&E said.
PG&E is working closely with San Francisco city and county officials and the owner of Candlestick Park to determine the cause, said Geisha Williams, PG&E's executive vice president of electric operations, said in a statement.
"Determining exactly what happened and working to prevent something like this from happening again is very important to everyone involved," the statement said.
The delays in the game seemed to not hinder the 49ers as they walloped the Steelers in route to a 20-3 victory.