Protesters battle for control of Egypt's Tahrir Square

A protester holds up a bullet casing after deadly clashes with the military in Tahrir Sqaure

Story highlights

  • 14 people have died since Friday, a Health Ministry spokesman says
  • Hundreds on both sides are injured in clashes, officials say
  • At least 2 protesters are killed, a doctor on the scene says
  • Images of a partially stripped woman being beaten cause outrage
Police and military troops clashed Monday with protesters in Egypt's Tahrir Square, the symbolic center of the uprising that brought down President Hosni Mubarak earlier this year.
At least two protesters were killed, according to field doctor Ahmed Khalil. That brought the total number of dead in protests to 14 since Friday, according to Hisham Sheeha, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health.
Hundreds of people were injured on both sides in the clashes, officials from the Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Health said. At least 200 protesters were injured, mostly by live ammunition, Sheeha said.
About 100 security officers were wounded, Interior Ministry spokesman Gen. Marwan Mustapha said.