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Barham Salih, prime minister of Kurdistan Region Government (KRG), speaks during a press conference in the northenr Iraqi city of Arbil on February 21, 2011.

Story highlights

  • With the US planning a full withdrawal imminently, not all are celebrating
  • In Northern Iraq, the Kurds became victims of Saddam Hussein's brutal regime
  • MME talks to Barham Salih, prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government
FACETIME: Barham Salih, prime minister, Kurdistan Regional Government
As the US inches closer to the full withdrawal of its troops from Iraq, not everyone is celebrating. The Kurds in Northern Iraq fell victim to Saddam Hussein's brutal regime more than 20 years ago. But even without him in power, they're apprehensive about the future. MME sits down with the Prime Minister of Kurdistan's Regional Government, Barham Salih, to discuss the road ahead.
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