Drugs, gun raids in Toronto net 60 arrests

Story highlights

  • More than 900 officers took part in "Project Marvel"
  • The raids netted guns, cash and cocaine in and around Toronto
  • Police chief notes unprecedented "level of mobility among street gangs"
Canadian authorities rounded up 60 people Tuesday in a crackdown on drugs and gun trafficking in Toronto that investigators say reached across the country.
More than 900 officers fanned out as part of "Project Marvel," bagging guns, ammunition, cash and cocaine in 67 separate searches, according to the Toronto Police Service. The raids targeted two gangs, the "Young Buck Killas" and the "G-Siders," that police said were operating across Canada's largest city and as far away as the country's west coast.
"As the investigation matured, it became evident that members of these two organizations alleged to be responsible for firearms and drug trafficking that spread across Canada and out to British Columbia," said Superintendent Chris White, of the Toronto Police Organized Crime Unit.
"The Organized Crime Enforcement Unit's mandate is to identify, disrupt, and dismantle organized crime groups, and today I think we had a successful day," White told reporters.
Toronto police launched the investigation in May with officers from the southwestern Ontario cities of Waterloo and London, as well as Ontario provincial police. Toronto Police Chief William Blair said the investigation "revealed a level of mobility among street gangs that we had not yet previously witnessed in this city."