Shakira shows off plenty of skin on the "Live from Paris" combo-pack album/DVD.

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Shakira's hips have turned Spanglish jingles into video hits for a decade.

''Whenever, Wherever'' and ''She Wolf'' are two of the artist's popular videos

The "Live from Paris" combo-pack album/DVD features plenty of skin, little musicianship  — 

Colombia’s most popular (legal) export is always at her best when you can see her – the magic of those whirligig hips has been turning Spanglish jingles like ”Whenever, Wherever” and ”She Wolf” into video hits for a decade.

And Shakira clearly knows it.

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On the “Live from Paris” combo-pack album/DVD, she writhes and dry-humps through her catalog like the world’s -highest-paid strip-aerobics instructor, showing off plenty of skin – but sadly, not much musicianship. C+

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