Review: Javier Colon's 'Come Through For You'

"Come Through For You" is the newest album from "Voice" winner Javier Colon.

Story highlights

  • Javier Colon was the inaugural winner of NBC's hit talent contest "The Voice"
  • His pure-toned tenor voice sets him apart
  • "Come Through For You" features guest vocals from his "Voice" mentor Adam Levine
The Voice, indeed.
Javier Colon, the inaugural winner of NBC's hit talent contest "The Voice," has several pop star assets-pretty face, megawatt smile, rakishly-angled trilby.
But it's his pure-toned tenor voice, sitting cozily between an old-fashioned soul croon and a Mayer-Mraz-style sensitive-dude simper, that sets him apart.
"Come Through For You" is thoroughly catchy, from "Life is Getting Better" to "Stand Up," with guest vocals from his "Voice" mentor (and audible model) Adam Levine.
'The Voice' winner's backstage secrets
'The Voice' winner's backstage secrets


    'The Voice' winner's backstage secrets


'The Voice' winner's backstage secrets 02:19
The music is pro forma radio pop; the lyrics lean towards insipid inspiration. ("Good things come in spades/To those who wait.") But it's hard to be cynical about music this pleasantly well-sung.