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Cincinnati, Xavier players brawl at game

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Each school suspends four men's basketball student-athletes

A fight breaks out at a game between Cincinnati and Xavier

Cincinnati says there "will be zero tolerance for a repeat of this behavior"

An Xavier player apologizes, says students aren't "thugs"

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Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati both said on Sunday that they have suspended players in the wake of a brawl between their schools’ basketball players.

The fight between the rivals broke out with just seconds left in Saturday night’s game.

Cincinnati said it would suspend players Yancy Gates, Octavius Ellis and Cheikh Mbodj for six games and Ge’Lawn Guyn for one game.

Xavier suspended Dezmine Wells and Landen Amos for four games and Mark Lyons for two, the school said in a statement. Senior Tu Holloway was given a one-game suspension.

“I really apologize for what took place,” Holloway told reporters on Sunday.

“We’re not thugs; we’re not bad kids here at Xavier University. We’re all going to get degrees and we’re incredible young men so I really apologize for what took place yesterday,” he said.

Cincinnati athletic director Whit Babcock similarly apologized for the fight and said there “will be zero tolerance for a repeat of this behavior.”

“We want to deal with this in a prompt and direct manner and send the message that we will not tolerate this from those who have the privilege of representing the University of Cincinnati,” he said.

Video from the game, which was played at Xavier, shows players pushing and shoving as people try to keep the teams apart.