2011 CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute

Updated 11:32 PM ET, Sun December 11, 2011
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Celebrities joined CNN in honoring everyday people who are changing the world in Sunday night's "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute" show. WireImage
CNN Hero Richard St. Denis accepts his award from "Modern Family" actress Sofia Vergara. WireImage
Denis' organization, World Access Project, has provided hundreds of wheelchairs and mobility aids to people living with disabilities in rural Mexico. WireImage
Sal Dimiceli gives his acceptance speech, saying, "This award is for the true heroes - the hungry children, the forgotten elderly, the neglected veterans and handicapped, the working poor I meet everyday." WireImage
Derreck Kayongo's positive spirit won him props from host Anderson Cooper, who tweeted, "How great was derreck kayongo just now!" Kayongo's Global Soap Project collects partially used hotel soap and reprocesses it to save lives. WireImage
Kid Rock performs the song "Care" from his platinum-selling album "Born Free." WireImage
Robin Lim accepts her CNN Hero award from model Christy Turlington Burns. WireImage
Lim became a midwife after her sister died from complications during pregnancy. Since 2003, she and her team in Indonesia have helped thousands of low-income women have a healthy pregnancy and birth. WireImage
Former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner tells the audience about Eddie Canales and his "Gridiron Heroes." WireImage
Eddie Canales asks the audience if he can bring his son onstage to share the award with him. His son was paralyzed during a high school football game in 2001. Today, Canales' nonprofit, Gridiron Heroes, provides emotional and financial support to high school football players who've sustained life-changing spinal cord injuries. WireImage
Patrice Millet speaks of his cancer diagnosis and his new journey to inspire children in Haiti. Millet's nonprofit youth soccer program provides free equipment, coaching and food to hundreds of participants from the slums and teaches them to become responsible citizens. WireImage
Rapper Ice Cube hugs CNN Hero Diane Latiker as she's recognized on stage. WireImage
Latiker opened her home to Chicago area youth and started a community program called Kids Off the Block. WireImage
Actress Mary-Louise Parker recognizes CNN Hero Amy Stokes on stage. WireImage
"Mentoring makes a difference between a child who survives and one who thrives," Stokes says during her acceptance speech. Stokes is redefining family for South African children affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty through her organization, Infinite Family. WireImage
Comedian Jerry Seinfeld introduces the audience to chef Bruno Serato. WireImage
"We should not have hungry children in our own backyard," Serato says. Since 2005, Serato has been serving free pasta dinners to children, many of whom are poor and live in motels with their families. WireImage
Taryn Davis accepts her award. Davis was just 21 when her husband, an Army corporal, was killed in Iraq. In 2007, she created the American Widow Project. WireImage
Singer Miley Cyrus performs onstage during the 2011 CNN Heroes ceremony. WireImage
An emotional Robin Lim accepts the award for CNN's 2011 "Hero of the Year." WireImage
CNN's Anderson Cooper joins honorees Patrice Millet, Bruno Serato, Diane Latiker, Sal Dimiceli, 2011 CNN Hero of the Year Robin Lim, Amy Stokes, Eddie Canales, Richard St. Denis, Taryn Davis and Derreck Kayongo. Christopher Polk/WireImage