Bodies recovered in Yosemite months after hikers go over waterfall

Three hikers were killed this summer when they were caught in the current of the Merced River and plunged down Vernal Fall.

Story highlights

  • Ninos Yacoub was one of three hikers swept over a waterfall in July
  • His body was found last week in a river near the waterfall
  • One hiker's body was recovered two weeks after the incident
Two bodies have been found in Yosemite National Park in recent days near where three hikers were swept over a 317-foot waterfall last July, officials at the park in California said Monday.
The body of one of the three was recovered two weeks after the incident.
In July, witnesses said the three -- two men and a woman -- climbed over the guardrail at the top of a trail and went into the gushing river that feeds the waterfall, known as Vernal Fall. They were quickly swept over.
Park officials said in a statement Monday that a body found by a park ranger last Tuesday was determined to be that of Ninos Yacoub, 27, of Turlock, California. The man's body was found in the Merced River about half a mile below the base of the waterfall, the statement said.
Yacoub was with Hormiz David, 22, of Modesto, California, and Ramina Badal, 21, of Manteca, California, when the three disappeared over the waterfall. David's body was recovered in August about 240 feet from the base of the waterfall.
A third body was found last Saturday in the same general location of where Yacoub's body was located, park officials said Monday, and authorities are likely to make a positive identification "within the next several days."