Chef Homaro Cantu: Sneak Peek


    Homaro Cantu: Molecular gastronomer


Homaro Cantu: Molecular gastronomer 02:06

In the words of Chef Homaro Cantu, "a molecular gastronomist is really just someone who explores the world of science and food."  Cantu is a chef who uses tools you wouldn't ordinarily find in a kitchen - sonifiers, lasers, and super conductors to name a few.

To save paper, Cantu serves his customers with edible menus.  And have you ever 'flavor-tripped?'  When experimenting in his two Chicago restaurants, Moto and ING, the real thrill for him is to make "something impossible. Creating something that shouldn't be."
Tune in to see Homaro Cantu make food beyond your wildest dreams and see why he's earned a spot on The Next List.
    Sunday 2 p.m. E.T. on CNN, February 5th