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This week on MME, we look at Morocco's unemployment figures. With the IMF estimating just 9 percent, could global shipping put the country back on track?

Story highlights

  • The IMF estimates Morocco's unemployment figures at 9% this year
  • Morocco's proximity to Europe combined with global shipping options could be the solution
  • MME talks with Palestinian entrepreneur Zahi Khouri about doing business in the West Bank
IN FOCUS: Morocco's ambitious plans
The North African country is heading to the polls this week after suffering unrest earlier this year. The International Monetary Fund estimates unemployment in Morocco at 9% this year as the country is trying to diversify its economy and provide jobs. MME looks at how Morocco is using its geographical proximity to Europe to boost its economy and put itself on the global shipping map.
FACETIME: Zahi Khouri, Chairman, Palestinian National Beverage Co.
As the Palestinians continue with their statehood bid at the U.N., ongoing restrictions in the Palestinian territories have stifled economic growth. MME spent a day with Palestinian businessman and entrepreneur, Zahi Khouri, to see the challenges of doing business in the West Bank.
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