Collector Keya Morgan has an unusual path to the stars

This rare shot of Robert F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and president John F. Kennedy together is one of Morgan's finds.

Story highlights

  • Keya Morgan collects historical artifacts from celebs
  • His work has helped him develop relationships with the stars
  • Morgan says he "time travels" using some of the items he has
Keya Morgan sometimes sleeps with Abraham Lincoln's pocket watch clutched in his hand or with Marilyn Monroe's dress next to him. It makes for amazing dreams, he says.
It also puts Morgan -- owner of a vast array of historical photos, documents and objects -- at the nexus of celebrity, conspiracy and collectibles.
He's friends with an unusual array of famous people, many of whom he met while gathering his artifacts and information.
Michael Jackson was among them. Marina Oswald still is.
The widow of the man accused of assassinating President John F. Kennedy says she's spent hours discussing history with Morgan, who owns the largest private collection of photos of JFK.
"Keya is a good kid. Let's put it that way," Oswald said. "He has a good heart, and he's compassionate and puts all his 150% in it."
Although she rarely gives interviews, Oswald felt strongly enough about her friendship with Morgan that she agreed to speak with CNN by phone from her Texas home.
"I am very pleased to know Keya," Oswald said.
The admiration is mutual.
"Marina Oswald is one of the most intelligent, amazing women I know," Morgan said, adding that he's "100% positive" her husband, Lee Harvey Oswald, did not mastermind Kennedy's death.
In addition to being a collector, Morgan is a historian and filmmaker -- and will become an author in the spring when his book, "Marilyn Monroe: Murder on Fifth Helena Drive," is scheduled to be published.
He interviewed more than 300 people during a decade of research, including FBI agents, the co