No traffic snarls expected after Occupy ‘day of action’

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No incidents and additional arrests are reported overnight, authorities say

Over 200 people were arrested in New York on Thursday, according to police

Fifty more were arrested in Los Angeles incidents, an officer says

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New York CNN  — 

Authorities don’t expect delays on subways, buses and tunnels Friday, a day after Occupy Wall Street demonstrators converged on New York City to mark a nationwide “mass day of action.”

No incidents and additional arrests were reported overnight, authorities said.

Scores were arrested Thursday and several police officers were reported injured as protesters fanned out across the city moved toward Foley Square in Lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Many had crossed the bridge – the same place where more than 700 had been arrested last month – chanting, “This is what democracy looks like – This is what America looks like,” according to the New York movement’s official Twitter feed.

This time, they marched in the pedestrian walkway and did not block the roadway.

Occupy protesters also took to the streets in all corners of the nation – from Miami to Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon and Boston – marking two months since the activist effort aimed at the nation’s wealthiest 1% began in Manhattan.

“I think the numbers have increased dramatically,” New York protester Jo Robin said Thursday. “Particularly after the raid, our message is being broadcast all over the world.”

Police said a total of 245 people had been arrested around the city Thursday.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said at least seven police officers were hurt Thursday during exchanges with protesters.

Five of those officers were injured when a unidentified liquid was thrown on their faces, Kelly said, adding that they experienced a burning sensation and required hospitalization.

It is not clear how many demonstrators have been injured during the clashes.

Authorities constructed barricades at Zuccotti Park in front of the New York Stock Exchange and along Fifth Avenue in an apparent attempt to keep demonstrators off the roads and on pedestrian walkways.

Residents and workers near the New York Stock Exchange were required to flash identification cards as police cordoned off the area amid concerns that demonstrators would try to disrupt trading.

Earlier Thursday, protesters lifted metal barricades around Zuccotti Park, a former home-base for the movement, defying authorities and blocking traffic.

Bloomberg said the day’s protests had “caused minimal disruptions to our city,” but added that some demonstrators had “deliberately” pursued violence.

The Occupy movement showed no signs of abating elsewhere in the United States.

In cities such as St. Louis and Milwaukee, thousands responded to the “day of action” plea.

In Los Angeles, about 50 people were arrested Thursday, authorities said. In Portland, police reported 48 people arrested in three separate incidents. Another 21 were issued citations for blocking a street in Las Vegas, local police said.

And in Atlanta, police arrested eight for blocking a roadway. There were also arrests in other places, including Chicago and Houston.

CNN’s Marina Landis contributed to this report.