Protesters break into Kuwaiti Parliament

Protesters break open the gate as they storm the Kuwaiti National Assembly in Kuwait City on Wednesday.

Story highlights

  • Scores of protesters break into the Parliament
  • They are demanding the president's removal
Angry protesters demanding that the prime minister step down broke into the Parliament in Kuwait City late Wednesday, said a witness who is a Kuwaiti journalist and asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the matter.
Videos that appear to have been shot from cell phones and posted on YouTube show a throng of protesters at the Parliament chanting, "The people must remove the prime minister!"
CNN cannot confirm the authenticity of the videos, which show Kuwaitis inside the Parliament building.
"There is an attempt to bring down the prime minister," said the witness, who added that the protesters had left the Parliament building and were heading toward Irada Square in downtown Kuwait City.
The country has no elections, according to the CIA Factbook. The emir, whose position is hereditary, appoints the prime minister and the deputy prime ministers. The prime minister's cabinet resigned last March, the CIA Factbook says.