Photos: Police evict Zuccotti Park protesters

Updated 11:40 AM ET, Tue November 15, 2011
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Police moved in to New York's Zuccotti Park early Tuesday, November 15, surprising many Occupy Wall Street protesters who had camped there for almost two months. AFP/Getty Images
Continuing concerns about public health and safety and the impact of the protests on nearby businesses, as well as the rights of others to use the park, prompted city officials to dismantle the camp, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. AFP/Getty Images
Police arrested more than 100 people, according to Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne. Getty Images
An arrested protester screams from a police van Tuesday. AFP/Getty Images
After they were forced to leave the park, several hundred protesters marched to Foley Square. Getty Images
Workers clean up Zuccotti Park on Tuesday after protesters were removed. Getty Images
Circumstances at the park had become "unbearable," Bloomberg said. Getty Images
Protesters regroup in Foley Square on Tuesday morning. Getty Images