Bahrain arrests five suspects in alleged terror plot

Story highlights

  • Five alleged terror suspects targeted Bahrain Interior Ministry and Saudi embassy
  • Qatari security authorities discover four of the five entering Qatar
  • The fifth suspect is arrested in Bahrain
Bahraini authorities discovered "a terror cell" and have arrested five people for allegedly planning attacks against government and diplomatic buildings as well as unidentified individuals, officials said Saturday.
The discovery of the alleged plot began when Qatari security authorities arrested four Bahrainis who entered Qatar from neighboring Saudi Arabia, said a Bahrain Ministry of Interior spokesman.
The suspects were carrying documents and a laptop "containing sensitive security information and details about some places and vital establishments in Bahrain, as well as airline bookings to Syria," the spokesman's statement said. The suspects were also carrying a "significant" amount of U.S. dollars and Iranian toman, the spokesman said.
The Qatari Security Authority learned that the four suspects left Bahrain "after being incited by others to head to Iran," and then they passed through Qatar and Syria "to establish a group that carries out armed terrorist operations in Bahrain," the interior ministry spokesman's statement said.
Among the alleged targets were the Ministry of Interior building, the King Fahad Causeway, and the Saudi Arabia Embassy, the spokesman said.
Qatari authorities sent the four suspects to Bahrain on November 4, where they were charged with planning "terror crimes," the spokesman said.
The four defendants provided information about a fifth suspect in Bahrain, who was also arrested, Bahraini authorities said.