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MME looks at the Kingdom of Jordan and talks exclusively to King Abdullah about the Arab Spring and what lies ahead for the country.

Story highlights

  • Prior to Fukushima, many Arab countries in the region held plans for nuclear energy
  • MME looks at why Jordan remains on the nucleur route
  • Jordan's King Abdullah talks to MME about the Arab Spring and what obstacles lie ahead
IN FOCUS: Jordan's nuclear ambitions
Many of the region's Arab countries have laid out plans for nuclear energy, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait. But since Fukushima they are re-thinking their strategies. One country that is sticking with its nuclear energy project is Jordan. This week MME takes a look at why Jordan is going down the nuclear route.

FACETIME: King Abdullah, Jordan
Aside from energy issues, the Kingdom of Jordan has taken drastic measures to address issues of unemployment, corruption and poverty. In an exclusive Interview, MME sits down with Jordan's King Abdullah to talk about the Arab Spring and the challenges that lie ahead.

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