Meet Poorsquare: It's Foursquare for the 99%

By John D. Sutter, CNN

You've heard of Foursquare, the location app that lets people "check in" to their favorite bars, restaurants and coffee shops. Now meet Poorsquare, a website that uses Foursquare's data to come up with a list of nearby locations where you can get a free lunch -- if you check in with Foursquare.
Jeff Novich and Andrew Pinzler created the Web app at a recent New York hackathon sponsored by American Express, according to this blog post from Business Insider. When you input your location and click a button -- aptly named "I am the 99%. Show me some Freebies!" -- you get a list of locations that are offering some sort of free or discounted reward, many of which require a check-in.
It will be interesting to see where this Web app goes. The blog The Next Web, where we first spotted this story, says it's "on its way to becoming a winner."
    It would be nice, however, to see this data presented on smartphones and tagged to a user's current location. On the site, you have to tell Poorsquare where you are from a list of choices. Further, the app only works for New York at the moment, although the site says data for 100 U.S. cites are "coming soon."